[ water cleansing ]Low-stimulus, fast-acting cleansing can also be used for sensitive skin, and no lotion needed for staying moisturized! Cleanses thoroughly, leaving skin moist

Moist Rich Cleansing Water

Amount 300mL No need to rub your skin, but gentle strokes can clean your skin.

Special ingredients

[ face wash form ]Completely removes old sebum and dirt from clogged pores! Moisturizing AHA peeling cleansing foam, safe to use for sensitive skin

Mild Peel Moist Wash

Amount 90g Completely removes dead cells and dirt, leaving smooth and moisturized skin.

Special ingredients

[ Lotion ]Permeability never loses its power!Moisturizing lotion which restores moisturein every corner of the stratum corneum

Mild Peel Deep Lotion

Amount 150mL Rich in three types of permeable ingredients.Moisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin deep-down.

Special ingredients

[ milky lotion ]Softens hard sebum and refreshes skin!Smooth touch of deep rich skin milk penetrates slowly

Moisturizing Softening Milk

Amount 120mL Rich and creamy texture like fresh milk penetrating your skin deep-down, quickly and smoothly.Provides exceptional moisture for long hours.

Special ingredients

[ Cream ]Precision wrapping Deep, moist charge cream moisturizeslike covering the skin with a veil to improve your skin

Moisture Veil Cream

Amount 50g Moisturizes to protect smoothness, leading to soft skin protected from dryness all day long.

Special ingredients